Dates for 2019: Sept. 27th- 29th, 2019


Welcome to Furry Takeover, a relaxed camping Style Event held in the Smoky Mountains at the Fontana Dam Resort.  There is tons of things to do around the resort including disc golf, lounging in the lazy river, tennis, putt putt, tons of hiking trails, and much more.  

Outside the resort just a couple miles away is the Tail of The Dragon, a fun twisty road with no  intersecting roads which consist of 318 curves in 11 miles. There are tons of great roads for cruising as well and just checking out the scenery.

There are also tons of absolutely beautiful scenery everywhere you go, from waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and mountains. This event relies heavily on your transportation to get around between events and traveling the wonderful roads around the resort. It is possible to walk to the events but there are lots of hills and the event's are spread throughout the resort. 

About Furry Takeover

Furry Takeover!


We were established back in the Spring of 2018, and held our first takeover August 24-26. We are dedicated to making Furry Takeover great for everyone.



We have a wonderful staff, and founder/chairman Kyle Hicks who is working hard to encourage and expand our team.  If you would like to be part of our great team please email us at

Event Highlights


Furry Takeover leaves most of the daytime available so that our attendees can enjoy the sites in the area.  This event is held to get away from the cities and enjoy nature at its finest, so get out there and enjoy the fresh air.


08:00-09:00=Furries and coffee at cabin 927

09:00-14:00=open to events

14:00-16:00=nerf war

16:00-20:00=open for events

20:00-00:00=hotdogs and marshmallows at the laurel brook bonfire pit

21:30-23:30=Movie night with Svetlana "Detective Pikachu"


08:00-09:00=Furries and coffee cabin 927

10:30-11:00=photo line up at the dam

11:00-11:10=fursuit picture

11:10-11:20=group photo

11:20-12:00=individual fursuit photos 

12:30-13:30=lunch at Wildwood Grill (must RSVP with me) 

14:00-16:00=Storms's furry D&D 

17:30-18:30=human putt putt

18:30-19:30=fursuit putt putt

20:00-00:00=hotdogs and marshmallows at the laurel brook bonfire pit

21:30-23:00= Ultimate Werewolf with Nekari


08:00-09:00=Furries and coffee cabin 927

09:00-12:00=open to events 

12:00-13:00= spaghetti lunch with staff

13:00-00:00=open to events

Please submit your event ideas to 

Would love to add a hiking event

To receive your badge you must find me or a staff member at my cabin (927) durning event times (08:00-00:00) or at a event.

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Do you have questions or comments about the event? Do you need special accommodations? Send us a message, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Furry Takeover 2019