Nerf Rules


  • No intentional head shots.
  • No physical contact with other players. No pushing or hitting. No wrestling weapons away from people.
  • No melee weapons.
  • No moving barriers unless permitted.
  • No Hyper Strike guns.
  • Must wear eye protection, eye protection will be provided if you do not have any.
  • Wear suitable shoes for outdoor play in grass and rock.

General Rules

  • Participants can use Nerf blasters only. No water guns or other weapon types. The game permits modified blasters, but none using CO2.
  • When a referee calls a timeout (indicated by blowing a whistle) stop firing immediately.
  • Do not throw or drop blasters. They break easily.

Combat Rules

  • Divide into 2 teams, Try to divide out age groups/abilities equally.
  • Start the battle when the main whistle blows.

How to Play

Each player has five hit points. Once they are hit, they count down from 20 slowly with their blaster held up in the air. They may pick up ammo and walk around, but is not allowed to fire and cannot be hit during this time. They count down the last five numbers loudly and say “I’m in,” and go back in the game.

After being hit 5 times, you are out of the game and wait on sideline.

There is no friendly fire. Shooting allies on purpose or accidentally does not count as a hit.

Listen for the end-of-battle whistle (2 blows of the whistle). Game ends with last man standing as the winning team. Restart new game.